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    Free bag of kitten food. My cats grew up too quickly and don't need it any more. Email to arrange for pick up in Boulogne.

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    The Speak Easy is a game for learning French idiomatic expressions. The puzzles were published in the FUSAC magazine for 25 years before being compiled into 3 b...

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    Les Parisettes is a concept store which specialized in souvenirs from Paris. You will find there, amongst other things, decorative items for the home, kitchen a...

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    This little book that fits in your hand developed from the article "20 Ways You Know You’re Becoming French" by long time Paris resident hailing from Philadelph...

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    A small cosy English language bookstore specialising in contemporary literature, English Language Learning and books for all ages. Reel Books also stocks typica...

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    Find bike path and itineraries in all of France. There's even a project for bike routes all across Europe. Can you imagine! Vous trouverez ici toutes les inf...

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