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  • Publié le : 8 juillet 2020 13 h 00 min
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The charmante Catherine Mennard has recently opened her MIF (Made in France) boutique close to everyone’s favorite gardens — the Luxembourg gardens. Stroll over to this mixed clothing store to find all things French — Jeans 1083,  cachemire sweaters, raincoats, scarfs, berets, boxer shorts, socks … over 30 tricolor brands from which to choose !

Attaching importance to the value ​​of savoir-faire, heritage, quality and originality, 
the French Habit allows you to discover superb pieces designed and manufactured in France by recent creators 
or by established brands.
We will be pleased to share with you the history of the product, that of its creator, the region of its production, 
and its composition, whether from natural, recycled or recyclable materials.



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