Bilingual nursery | English speaking child care position CDI (Paris)

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Plume is a new Bilingual and small childcare company.

Our belief is that children exposed to another language are largely benefiting from it. We think, and the neuroscientists we are working with as well, that to be efficient, language exposure needs to be made in the most “ecological” possible way. Meaning, as close as it is in a normal bilingual home.That’s why we made the choice to work with someone whose native language is English in our 10 cribs nursery.You will be part of a three-person team and you will have the opportunity to work on a very broad amount of tasks related to the children in a secured and caring environment:
– It will not be a surprise, but you will be in charge of all the English related discussions. It includes taking part in the welcoming of the parents and the children in the morning, spending time with the children during the day and talk to them in English during all the activities.

– You will be part of all the animations and activities with the children as well as responsible for their good care, their wellbeing in the respect of their individual rhythm and autonomy.

– You will also contribute to the implementation of the pedagogical project related to bilinguism within the nursery. We are always welcoming new ideas and initiatives in this field!

Required profile :03

More than a resume we are looking for someone enthusiastic and passionate about kids. We know that child caring is a place where the human factor is a key element and we are looking to find someone who love his / her job and communicates it.

In terms of competences, we are looking for two types of profiles:

1. You have a degree that authorizes you to work in a French nursery (Auxilliaire de Puériculture, Educateur spécialisé, CAP petite enfance, Assistante Maternelle, etc.)

2. You don’t have a French degree but you are passionate about children.

You can send your application at or through

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