Email campaing to Exempt Americans Abroad from the GLTI/Repatriation Taxes

  • Publié le : 9 juillet 2018 15 h 53 min
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Are you from Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Wyoming, Louisiana, Idaho, Nevada, 
South Carolina,North Carolina, South Dakota or Utah? 
Or do you have family members living in these states

If you are an American abroad from one of these states, send one email to your Senator (see how and get the email address on These states have senators on the Senate Finance Committee, which determines our fate.   If you have a close family member or friend living in these states, that person’s voice is vital, even more so than yours – sad but true!! Get that person to send an email and pick up a phone and call the senator’s local office!!  In any email or call, request a response as to what the senator intends to do. 

Your support is crucial!

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