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This advert is out of the proper category but we thought that you might enjoy this book while hunting for housing and employment.

An unforgettable literary masterpiece written over 200 years ago by a woman during the struggle and fall of Europe’s first attempt at a constitutional democracy, this unique true account reads more like a riveting mystery novel. Despite its epoch, it reverberates with timeless issues that still affect us all today.

Young Countess Anna wrote in her Diary between 1791 and 1795, not imagining that she would live through fires, blizzards, near-starvation, bloody battles beetween nations, and savage assaults on her body. Nevertheless, she miraculously retained her poetic sensitivity and hopefullness, never succumbing to bitterness or resignation.

Translated from mainly Polish over 60 years ago, this book contains unique descriptions of the lifestyle of an unknown peasant clan who rescued and revived Anna after a murderous carriage attack; graphic descriptions of childbirth practices; ghastly war scenes; candid comments on women’s suppression and social class inequalities; tender confessions of love emotions; and explicitly sexual passages that Anna copied from the diary of her lascivious cousin Sophia.

This Diary has never heretofore been published in its authenticity. and its present availability finally fulfills Anna Berezowska’s profound wish to share her experiences and insights with the world.

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