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Certified teacher with a lot of experience delivers private classes (at his place) or for group (at company's place) of French as a foreign language, to adults....

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Professeur d'anglais (langue maternelle) diplômé de Cambridge, 10 ans d’expérience, propose cours d'anglais : Business-English, Soutien scolaire, Préparation in...

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Private or group lessons in English conversation, all levels accepted, experienced teacher, Cambridge University education, Reasonable rates. 20€/h.

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20.00 €

Private English teacher, fluent in French & German. Degree in Languages from Limerick University, Ireland. Courses at your home 20€/hr.

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9.00 €

The Speak Easy is a game for learning French idiomatic expressions. The puzzles were published in the FUSAC magazine for 25 years before being compiled into 3 b...

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This little book that fits in your hand developed from the article "20 Ways You Know You’re Becoming French" by long time Paris resident hailing from Philadelph...

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