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Kim Bernardin, designer

  • Publié le : 30 janvier 2017 17 h 44 min
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Authentic, individual designer boutiques are becoming rare in Paris, but I found the pearl, the designer Kim Bernardin – at her boutique, 20 rue des Saints-Pères in the 7th district.

She is offering reductions of up to 70% until 11th February 2017 on stunning, highly original and extremely wearable creations.

– Article by Patricia Killeen, Paris

In recent years the number of designers with their own labels and boutiques in Paris has sadly fallen dramatically. Paris is home to the big fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Balmain to name a few. The city now also houses all the usual leading global fashion retailers, whose recognizable signs in high streets dotted all over the world gives the sensation that we’re always in the same place, despite clocking up thousands of air miles. In today’s precarious European economy, it’s also completely understandable that many graduates from the top French fashion schools choose to work for the big brand names, preferring job security to the risk of launching their own labels. Young designers who do choose to pursue an independent road are often crushed and forced to abandon their dreams due to hardship and are swallowed into conglomerates or forced out of the city’s streets onto the web. But this means that fashion in Paris is now either dictated by a handful of talented and social media savvy, ‘star’ fashion designers catering to the high end of the market, with miscellaneous soulless, fashion business amalgamations catering for the rest of the market. One of the current stars of the high fashion arena, Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing has 1.2 million followers on Balmain’s Instagram! This new prince of fashion counts Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Beyoncé as friends and clients. However, we can’t all be dressed by young Monsieur Rousteing and apart from the big fashion houses today’s fashion tendencies in Paris are reflected by a sad lack of originality in many of the shop fronts you see when wandering the city’s streets. Might the lack of independent label designer boutiques be one of the reasons why Paris, the previously acclaimed ‘fashion capital of the world,’ has in recent years been usurped by New York and London? The decline of individual designer label boutiques has definitely detracted from two highly entertaining Parisian past times; people/fashion watching and window shopping in the former fashion hub of the world. So if you can find individual Parisian designers that suit both your look and pocket you’ll be an intricate part of keeping Paris, Parisian with your ‘je ne sais quoi’ allure versus a ‘one for all, all for one’  look. Encouraging the survival of designer boutiques in the Parisian landscape also keeps the streets of Paris actually looking Parisian. Wouldn’t it be a shame if Paris, traditionally renowned for its small specialized type boutiques, were to become a mere overextended tentacle of a giant global retail system? Designer label boutiques are resiliently antipodal to this sad prospect and while strolling in Saint-Germain-des-Prés many passersby’s have been struck by some of the smaller boutiques including Kim Bernardin’s boutique and showroom. Originally from Seoul, Kim graduated from one of the top Parisian fashion schools and subsequently hosted her first fashion show in the City of Light in 1995, and went on to open her boutique in 2004. Her line reflects her passion for nature, color and experimental tissues and we can also see the influence of her extensive travels reflected in her collection, where East meets west in perfect harmony. A harmony that is also felt when you slip on one of her creations, as although a Kim Bernardin number flatters the feminine silhouette; one also has a wonderful feeling of ease and freedom when wearing them. Her clothes flow; “no restrictions” is one of her mottos and creativity, originality, and independence are the backbone of her work. Fulfilling both the role of creator and entrepreneur is never easy, and in Paris it’s particularly difficult due to endless mind-boggling French government regulations, Kafkaesque administration and overwhelming taxation. However, this vibrant city has also been a strong inspiration and the sense of freedom and liberty that Kim felt upon arrival from Korea is reflected in her collections. Her talent, tenacity and solid conviction in her work have ensured her a continued presence in her highly competitive city of adoption. This beautiful, friendly young woman maintains, ‘it’s not easy but my family and my work are my passions and my driving forces’. Daily yoga classes are her formula for dealing with a highly demanding schedule and for keeping her creative energy pure. The keen eyes of Paris’s fashionista tourists have been a great generator for Kim’s label and the fact that she participates in New York’s fashion week bi-yearly has also helped her gain recognition on the international podium. Her clients, like herself, are often multicultural and original. Over the last decade Kim Bernardin creations have graced the backs of many stylish ladies from New York to Timbuktu!


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