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Babysitter 2 enfants à la sortie de l'école de 16h30 à 19h30 lundi-vendredi + quelques babysitting le week-end. Babysitter parle français et anglais. Logement g...

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10.00 €

We are looking for a nanny billing in English to keep our 4 children aged 7 years , 5yo, 2yo , 4 months. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm to 7p...

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75,008.00 €

Be My Nounou propose une sélection pointue de baby-sitters anglophones triées sur le volet! N'hésitez pas à nous contacter dès à présent pour que l'on puisse v...

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Looking for English nanny (with papers) to take care of 2 children (7 and 5) for 20 hours/week (4-6. 45pm all day + all Wednesday)

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Looking for EMT nanny to look after 2 kids (12 & 8 ) 2h/w in exchange of reduced rent independant furnished 20m2 studio in Sèvres (15mn St Lazare)

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1000 childcare & teaching jobs available: become a Language Ambassador! Every year we hire over 1000 native or bilingual speakers: Do you speak English, ...

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11.00 €

Afterschool pickup/daylife in English for girl 6yo (Mon/Fri) 5.30pm to 7pm + some evenings. Native English only, thanks!

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Paris8. Look for September 2017 until june 2018, EMT student. Confident, happy to play, who understands French for a 10 years old boy. Monday tuesday thursday, ...

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Hello, i'm a Filipina looking for a fulltime job as garde d'enfants. I'm 39yrs old, speak English and can converse basic french. Experienced and trustworthy...p...

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Serious Family offers an independent apartment on a modern houseboat in exchange of around 90 hours / month (afterschool, homework, english, dinner…) for two lo...

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